The Rules Of Engagement

The Rules Of Engagement

We talk social media etiquette, hand selfies and who should know first

Woohoo – you’re engaged! Once you’ve come down from the giddy highs which immediately follow post-proposal and you’re ready to let your nearest and dearest in on the good news, the biggest question yet unpopped is where to start? Who do you tell first, and how? Before you do anything, make sure you read our rules of engagement…

1. Family first

Although it’s your news to tell, the announcement of your engagement will mean a lot to those who love you, so think about who you want to know first. Children should be top priority, followed by parents, siblings and family. Close friends might also be hurt if they feel like they’re the last to know. Consider the people you care about the most: these are the ones who should know before the masses.

2. Surprise, surprise

A nice way to inform extended family or friends is to throw a dinner party or small gathering, then announce your engagement half way through – et volia! The party doubles as an engagement party. You can celebrate the good news, fill everyone in on the details of the proposal and fend off the ‘Have you set a date yet?’ questions all in one go.

3. Social media

Announcing your engagement on social media is no longer the social faux pas it once was. If you are someone who frequently uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s no reason not to share the happy news with your friends and followers in one go. Even the celebs are doing it. Whether you choose to post a photo of both of you, update your relationship status or snap a picture of the ring (see below), you can sit back safe in the knowledge a record number of ‘likes’ will be coming your way…

4. Nail it!

Ever noticed how the ‘candid’ engagement rings shots uploaded to social media sites show the bride-to-be’s nails looking as shiny and immaculate as the new ring she’s rocking? Never before have your fingers been under such scrutiny, so you’ll want to make sure your tips are in top shape and not dirty, chewed or chipped. Unless you’re polished to perfection all the time, we’d recommend squeezing in a quick manicure before taking that pic, as it’ll be one you look back on in years to come. But if you really can’t wait to share the news in the time it takes the varnish to dry, Instagram filters work wonders…

5. Formal notice

While social media is the dish of the day, the old ways still have their place, especially in a tradition orientated institution like marriage. Consider placing a notice in your local paper, or sending out written cards – any excuse to buy pretty stationery! Just make sure they are clearly marked as engagement notices and don’t get mixed up with wedding save the dates or invitations. It could be awkward if you’re sending them to someone who may not be invited to the wedding… Whether he got down on one knee on a beach at sunset, or casually asked you over a takeaway one night