Reception ideas

Reception ideas: it’s all in the detail

No longer content with a church, dress and a swish set of wheels, trendsetting couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to the finer details of their day.

But rather than following the crowd and installing a job-lot of teacups, typewriters and birdcage table centres, they’re selecting unique props and decorative details which say something about their individual personalities, and using them as a backdrop to their celebration.

A plan is essential. It’s easy to get carried away at car-boot sales and lose sight of your initial vision. But before the great rummage begins, consider your theme and arm yourself with a wish-list to avoid expensive mistakes. Also consider enlisting the services of a prop hire or event styling specialist who will help you to bring more ambitious ideas to life.

Suits you, sir

Whichever decorative details you add to your day, the most effective schemes will be those that really mean something to you. Mad about travel? Vintage suitcases, postcards and old maps in place of table runners can add nostalgia and romance to your celebration. Keen cyclists? How about a bicycle made for two?

Make an impact

Some of the slightly grander schemes such as festival or circus-themed weddings need commitment to work. If in doubt, add bulk. Reams of rainbow-colored streamers or paper pom-poms en masse is a less expensive alternative to filling the room with fresh flowers. 


Before embarking on a decorating extravaganza, remember to do your sums. Props and detailing should really be somewhere near the bottom end of your budget and an optional extra rather than an essential expense. Decide what’s more important to you – 100 Greek urns or your Santorini honeymoon – and budget accordingly.

Simply stylish

Often, the chicest weddings are the simplest. Don’t feel pressured to over-style your day if a themed celebration isn’t your thing. You can still add personal touches with your favourite flowers, photographs of loved ones or a carefully chosen playlist.