10 Things Grooms should know about His Stag Party









10 Things Grooms should know about His Stag Party

Think The Hangover. Think t-shirts. Think foam parties. Think sight-seeing… 

1) Chances are it won’t be what you had in mind

Does anyone remember that episode of Don’t Tell The Bride where the history-buff groom wanted to have afternoon tea for his stag, much to the vocal bewilderment of his friends? Leaving the organisation of your stag in the hands of your trusty best man can be risky business. His idea of a good time and your idea of a good time don’t necessarily add up – and if, when you ask him what’s happening, he simply winks and says ‘just bring clean pants’, you are fully within your rights to feel a little scared.

2) There will be t-shirts…

You might be the most style-savvy groom-to-be on the block, but even so – you’ll still have to wear a t-shirt. Our stats suggest it will havebachelor party 2 a slogan and/or nickname – and possibly even a picture of your face. Embrace it. 

3) …And there will also be costumes 

Everyone loves a theme, right?

4) There will be that one friend who gets too drunk

Let’s call him ‘Simon’. Maybe he’s just gone through a break-up, or perhaps he’s taken it upon himself to mourn your ‘last night of freedom’ in truly spectacular style – but either way, he’ll be the last one at the bar, encouraging everyone within three-feet of him to down the Dirty Pint he’s just bought. You love him, of course, but if he calls you a ‘wuss’ one more time, you might just have to un-stag him. Awks.

5) You might want to consider how it will look on Facebook

We’ve all got ‘that’ friend – we’re calling him ‘Greg’ – who uploads everything on to Facebook. You know the type. So be warned: anything that might appear – how can we put this – out of context, should probably not be photographed. You giving a weak thumbs up as a scantily-clad stripper gyrates in the background (you totally didn’t want to go to a strip club, but your Best Man insisted) might be innocent enough, but it won’t appear quite so harmless the next morning when you log on to Facebook and see your wife-to-be has coolly ‘liked’ Greg’s photo of it. BURN.

6) Don’t be surprised if things go a bit… weird

Did you know that getting kidnapped on your stag is now a perfectly acceptable ‘thing’? Like, seriously. Assuming you don’t, er, get kidnapped, there’s still scope for a whole host of other weird stuff to go down – just think of the Hangover films. We don’t want to alarm you, but there’s every chance you could end up in Mike Tyson’s mansion, or looking after a random baby you find in a wardrobe. Just saying. 

bachelor party 3a7) There’s a very good chance you might cry

It could be the excitement at the thought of your upcoming marriage, it could be the happiness at spending quality time with your best friends – but either way, there’s a good chance there will be tears (Simon’s insistence on you drinking those three Tequila slammers might also have had something to do with the opening of your tear ducts). Don’t worry though. It’s totally manly to be in touch with your emotions – if anything, it would be stranger if you didn’t.

8) If you’ve gone away for a weekend, you get to be a tourist

Unless you’re totally mental and are planning on drinking non-stop, the daytime will give you the perfect opportunity to have a little explore. Whether you’re in Newquay, Malaga or Amsterdam, there’ll be lots to do during the day to give you a bit of cultural enhancement.

9) If your partner asks how your stag was, don’t answer with a wink and ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’

This will not only really irritate her, it will also make her think that something actually happened on ‘tour’. Also, it clearly wasn’t a tour. It was more of a ‘mini break’, if anything.

10) Bear in mind your best man will be using all of this for speech fodder

He’s a savvy chap, your best man. He’s master-minded this whole charade and has been observing what goes on with uncontained fascination – and a pen and paper in hand. After all, that wedding speech won’t write itself, will it?