10 things Bridesmaids Need Preparation For

10 Things Every Bridesmaid Should Be Prepared For On The Wedding Day

No pressure but you’re kind of a big deal – and here’s why…

1. You and your fellow bridesmaids = Charlie’s Angels

Together, you’re unstoppable. People might not know it, but you’re kind of a big deal. Along with your fellow bridesmaids and the best men, it’s all on you to make sure the day goes without a hitch. No pressure. 

2. Remember: it’s perfectly normal for the bride to feel nervous

Jitters are perfectly natural – in fact, it would probably be more unusual if she didn’t have them. Listen to her nerves and do your best to comfort her. If she’s necking back the Champagne, make sure she has something to eat to avoid her staggering up the aisle. 

3. Be prepared for tears

Your tears, the bride’s tears, the groom’s tears… Waterproof mascara and tissues are a handbag essential.

4. Also be prepared for last-minute hitches

The groom has gone AWOL? The rings have gone missing? The bride’s veil keeps threatening to blow away? Nothing you can’t handle. That’s totally why you were selected – for your rational thinking and calm of mind. 

5. Your bargaining skills are never going to be better

From reasoning with stubbon flowergirls to bartering with bar staff, your inner negotiator will never be more on-form. 

6. Once the vows have been exchanged, you can relax

Well, a bit. You’re still on duty, soldier – you’re at the bride’s beck-and-call and need to make sure she’s happy and comfortable as the day progresses.

7. Speech, speech!

Much like the best man gives his speech, it’s becoming more and more common for the Maid Of Honour or a bridesmaid to say a few words about the happy couple. Prepare well in advance and make sure you practice what you’re going to say. Aim for happy tears and remember to give a toast to the bride and groom at the end.

8. You’re totally going to get a gift

Obviously there is no greater gift than watching your friend marry the one she loves – but everyone loves presents, right?

9. Be prepared for any unwanted advances

Yes, the bride did kind-of warn you about her uncle’s tendency to ‘introduce himself’ to ladies, but his horrendous James Bond impressions and cheesy chat-up lines are really too much for you to bear. You know he’s probably lovely IRL, but Uncle Clive’s tendency to try and slow-dance whilst purring lines from The Man With The Golden Gun is too much for anyone to endure – let alone someone who’s spent the last eight hours on her feet, chasing toddlers and helping the bride use the bathroom. May Day, May Day!

10. There will be a moment…

…When suddenly everything stands still (perhaps during the first dance) and you are filled with so much love and happiness for your friend and her husband that you could burst. In this moment, everything will make sense. This will be followed shortly afterwards by the moment when you decide to kick off your heels and dance bare-foot with the bridal party. Happy days!