Create your own wedding day confetti bar

How to create your own wedding day confetti bar



 Tips for making your confetti a whole lot more interesting…

Throwing confetti over a newly-married couple is one of those long-standing traditions that manages to include all of your wedding party – and when you see how your photographer has captured that special moment, you’ll realize exactly how magical walking under the stream of pretty petals thrown by your friends and family really is.

There are many types of confetti, from paper and synthetic types to rice and natural petals. There is only one type that will give you an explosion of color though, with a delicate floral fragrance without it being harmful to the environment and animals – Natural Petal Confetti. 

Couples can choose from a wide range of colors to match or contrast their wedding theme. However, why not let your guests decide on the color and let them pick from a selection – by creating your very own confetti bar! 


How to make a confetti bar…

• Take several old jars, vases or anything else you would like to display your confetti in.

• Choose a however many colors and types of petals you want your guests to throw.

• Place each color, or even mixes into each jar.

• Make a sign to explain what your guests need to do – “pick your own and throw!”

• On the big day, delegate one of your bridesmaids or ushers to display your confetti bar in your chosen place. For vintage style weddings, why not place them in an old suitcase or small wooden cart. Jars can be placed on a dressed table or even a pretty bench – this is where you can really get creative.


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