How to choose your wedding stationery

How to choose your wedding stationery


Current trends in stationery include Art Deco, glamorous vintage, rustic, textures and modern geometric inspired designs. As with other elements of your wedding, it’s best to choose a design you both love, however trendy it may currently be.

It doesn’t need to match

Need to send out invitations or Save the Dates but haven’t decided on a style, theme or colours? They don’t have to exactly match the day stationery. Just get your guests there and look good. Think like a movie, a good trailer doesn’t give everything away!

It’s all in the detail 

Always check the details as the quoted price may not include everything to keep the headline figure looking good. It is always a good idea to know what’s included – like guest name printing, a physical proof, edits and changes, envelopes and whether extra invites can be printed later etc.

Sample time!

It’s always best to get samples: stationery is as much about the feel of the card and the quality of the cut and folding as it is about the design. If your design features crystals or other embellishments, a sample is a great way to see how cleanly they’re fixed to the card.

The personal touch

Having your guest names printed in your invitations makes each invitation look like it was made especially for that guest (which it was) and looks impressive. It’s also a big time saver and avoids the risk of poor handwriting lessening the effect of professionally made invitations. Check, check and check again before your invites go into production – you don’t want any typos!

How much?

Always bear in mind the cost of postage when budgeting your invitations. This is especially important if you’re sending something more than 5mm thick or larger than 240 by 165mm. Invitations like scrolls will probably need to be sent as a small parcel.

All in order

The Orders of Service text has to be signed off by the person conducting the ceremony. This is not just to make sure it’s accurate but text for songs or readings may be copyrighted and could need the celebrant’s permission to reproduce.

The table plan

If you make your own day stationery, be prepared to spend way more time than you think you will. Table plans can get especially time-consuming – and the week before a wedding can be very busy! Do as much as possible beforehand to keep them simple and stress-free.

Make it personal

Talking of the table plan – many people use table numbers for their tables but why not use the opportunity to make it more personal and use names that reflect yourselves and your personalities? For example: places you’ve travelled to together, references to a shared hobbies… Anything goes, so be creative! 

The guest book gets creative

There are many alternatives to guest books, from wishing trees, to signed pictures or canvases. Guests can type notes on vintage typewriters, scrawl a message on a photobooth Polaroid…