5 Wedding Favors Ideas

How to choose your wedding favors

Our tips for picking the perfect favors for your wedding guests

1. When it comes to choosing your wedding favors, decide on a set budget and stick to it. It’s very easy to get carried away with the smaller details and to lose track of what you’re spending. Remember that it’s just meant to be a token for your guests, so there’s no need to end up spending a small fortune.


2. Tie in the favors with your big-day theme and style. For example, if you’re having a romantic Italian wedding, why not give your guests a mini bottle of olive oil to take home? Or for a beach wedding, go for the practical option of a pair of flip-flops to dance the night away in; your guests will definitely thank you in the morning!


3. If you’re wanting to work some DIY into your wedding but are a little nervous about mastering floristry or cake decorating before your big-day, favors are a fairly safe bet in terms of amateur crafting. We’re talking simple handmade soaps and candles, or personalized lavender bags as ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Why not arrange a girlie night in for you and your hens to have a go?


4. You can’t go too far wrong with edible sweet treats to give to your guests. There are so many options out there – from bespoke cookies to luxury macarons – you’ll be sure to find something to keep them happy! Present them as part of each place setting around the tables to keep rumbling tummies at bay during the speeches. Get creative with containers! There are so many ways to present your favors, don’t forget about how to best package them. From pre-made boxes to fabric pouches, it’s simple to tie-in with your color scheme and styling.


5. Don’t forget your younger guests! Print out pictures for them to color and gift kids packages of crayons and sweets to keep them entertained during the speeches.