10 Things You Should Know About Your Bachelorette Party

10 Things You Should Know About Your Bachelorette Party

It’s your last night of freedom – here’s how to navigate the feather boas, mother-in-laws and Jagerbombs in style

1. Consider who you want to plan it carefully

Planning a hen do is no easy job. It requires endless organization, the ability (if you’re heading overseas or doing an activity) to call in payments from the various attendees and is also best done by someone 

2. You probably won’t want to hold it the night before the wedding 

Seriously. Although in the ‘old days’ people would hold their stag and hen parties the night before the wedding, the reality is you will wake up on the big day with a pounding head.  

3. Whether you’re having it at home or overseas, the rules stay the same

The rules are as follows:

– You will be expected to drink a lot. Remember: wine before beer, makes you feel happy. Beer before wine, leaves you fine.

– No arguing is permitted between memebers of the bridal party

– Only approved photography; no random snapping. All images must be Instagrammed prior to Facebook uploading (for the tan effect, duh)

4. There might be a theme

Something tasteful, like Schoolgirl Barbie or Virgin Nuns. Chances are there might be a costume and probably some L plates, too – but that’s okay, because it makes you more identifiable to the barstaff, who might just give you a free bottle of something bubbly. (Don’t quote us on this though.)

5. If you hate tacky, you’ll be in hell…

L plates aside, there are also fluffy pink feather boas and penis straws to contend with. Cowgirl hats are optional, as are glowstick wristbands. 

6. … Unless you can persuade your chief bridesmaid to organise something a little more to your preference

But chances are you can’t, because she’s going to love making you squirm with discomfort as a scantily-clad male stripper grinds in your face.

7. You’ve probably never seen your mother-in-law to-be drunk before…

… Let alone raving to David Guetta in a Spanish nightclub. But there’s a first for everything, right? You’ll bond with her on your hen do – for one thing, she’ll have been flattered to be invited and it will also be a great chance for her to get to know your mum better, too.

8. If you’re going somewhere abroad, remember the SPF

As tempting as it is to sun yourself, a peeling tan on your wedding day is not a good bridal look.  

9. You’ll love your family and friends even more afterwards

There will be a moment when you’ll stop for a moment and realise you’re surrounded by the girls who love you most in all the world. What a wonderful, lucky feeling. 

10. But that said, your eyes will be opened. Well and truly opened

You’ll learn a lot from the night. How much your mum likes the Big Fish, Little Fish song. How much effortless entertainment a penis straw can bring. Perhaps most pressingly, you’ll also learn how to wear a magenta feather boa and carry it off in style.