It’s Time To Celebrate!


I love wedding receptions so much so it makes sense that I love Anniversaries just as much. Whether you’re celebrating your 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary I can assist you by creating a celebration atmosphere through DJ entertainment.

Honoring each other, your love, your life, that special relationship that has grown and stood the test of time is certainly something to celebrate! It’s a way for a couple to express their love and share with family and friends those sentiments that are so often felt but left uncelebrated.

Absolute Entertainment can take you back to where it all began when every love song was written for just the two of you. Allow us to rekindle those special moments bringing back old and wonderful memories through our music and making new and fantastic ones!

“Music is powerful… it can take you there!” Your trip down memory lane will take you to the place where you first fell in love. It will spark memories and keep your guests entertained, making your anniversary celebration a fabulous memory all on its own.

Shawn Willms | Absolute Entertainment, owner

Anniversary DJ Entertainment in Ventura County Ca